Maintenance Committee:

All questions and/or issues with subdivision maintenance should be directed to this committee at one of the Maintenance Committee Contact email addresses provided below

This includes mowing, lawn applications, and snow removal services for our neighborhood sidewalks and driveways. 

Mowing and trimming are provided as one (1) inclusive service.  Homeowners may NOT opt out of one and have the other; i.e., request mowing but opt out of trimming and vice-versa.

Our contract with Halligan Lawn Service is approved through March of 2025. 

  • Homeowners lawns are mowed on Mondays during the growing season.
  • Please do not water your lawn Sunday evening or Monday.
  • Please leave fence gates unlocked so the mowing crew can get into backyards.
  • Please be aware that Halligan is not responsible for damage to any lights, signs, etc. that you have in the grass. Please remove them before mowing. If they are in a flower bed, then they are of course okay.  
  • If you have planted new seedlings and have not mulched around them, please flag them so the mower can see them.  
  • If you have a broken drain or sprinkler that is sticking up, definitely flag it also. 
  • If you want to OPT OUT of mowing and trimming for the season, please contact the Maintenance Committee below.

Maintenance Committee Members:

Irene Herren
Connie Solomon

Contact The Maintenance Committee: