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Effective January 1, 2023, Quarterly Assessments will be $294 and are due on the following dates of each year.  If homeowners would like to pay their assessments semi-annually or annually, the Treasurer will invoice the homeowner accordingly. (If a homeowner wishes to pay the Assessments annually, the total for one year will be $1,176.)

    • January 1st
    • April 1st
    • July 1st
    • October 1st

Assessments include services for lawn maintenance and snow removal of our driveways and sidewalks.

Per the HOA Declaration of Restrictions (Section 4.02-Assessment Liens) "if any assessment remains unpaid at the expiration of thirty (30) calendar days from and after the due date established, a late charge shall be assessed against the non-paying Owner for each month that any portion of an assessment remains unpaid.  The late charge shall be in the amount of Twenty-five and No-100ths Dollars ($25.00)."

"All assessments, together with interest thereon from the due date of payment at the highest lawful rate per annum and any late charges and service fees and any cost of collection, including attorneys fees, shall be a continuing lien upon the Lot against which assessments are made."

MISSOURI INTEREST RATE:  The rate of interest in the State of Missouri is governed by Title 26, Chapter 408 of Missouri Statutes. The maximum lawful rate of interest on any written contract cannot be more than nine percent (9 %) per annum pursuant to Section 408.020.

TRANSFER FEE:  There is ”no transfer” fee for each home sale.

Kathy Limpic